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Fantasy Sculpt by sergiosoares

I do not really like mirrored mode in 3d sculpt, 'cause it is unnatural… In real life there is not such physical symmetry. It reminds R...


Shark by maximartiskosmo

  At 9th of February year 2015 we’ve got many emails on our address…spammy, advertising and just informational like “your video now is a part of some group”… and when…”Your account has been removed by the Vimeo Staff for violating our Guidelines”… After several years and averagely 3k of views for each of 30 films which has been published on VIMEO I decide that it is a bad joke, but it was not… Or maybe it was and still is? Well, in one way or another there is no more account from “Crazy films” on that shitty video hosting… I see only three reasons why…

1)… According to they own rules you cannot use vimeo basic (free) account for uploading any sort of advertising. Which means that any music film which leads to music links under or links to posters/t-shirts of your band and yourself cannot be published for free. You cannot even advertise yourself, which would make this site even more useless and almost empty, but filled by commercials from major labels, corporations and porn sites… However they got an exception in those useless rules…”Exception! If you’re an independent production company, artist, or non-profit, you may use any account type (Basic, Plus, or PRO) to showcase your creative work.” So the only sensible cause which can make them to do such scoundrelism is sincere confidence in fact that “Crazy films” it is not one artist who has create all graphics, fine art and music in his films along with his wife only, or not simple small independent studio, but the great corporation such as DreamWorks, Warner Bros or whatever…



2)… They are completely and hopelessly stupid, which is of course not contradiction with previous and next reason as well…


3)… our account has been deleted after couple of our film start rising up to 10k view for each one… It was films “Russia”…

and “Cartoon coronation”……

 All those films created in Russia and about Russia and it is not “from Russia with love” sort of films… I mean yeah we have got half naked girls and boys in those films but it is about corruption and genocide in Russia Federation… about freedom and free will which is in contradiction to modern Russian government and law which simply does not work… All those films are strongly restricted in Russia and you will not find them on Russian video services such as rutube (Russian version of youtube)… Even Russian google censored all films from “Crazy films” studio covering they decisions by ridiculous and absurd causes… last of them was “unacceptable negative content” … So VIMEO stuff probably doing the same shit…Or it is just another conspiracy theory… Choice is yours…


Luckily or not, but you can still watch Crazy films if you dare on some other portals…. On youtube if you still think that “Crazy films” is corporation

or indiereign…

if you think that independent artists and studios needs all support that they can get to fight with such shitty corporations as Google, Vimeo,  or Government of Russian Federation, be free and truly independent with our thoughts and creativity…

CATCH by maximartiskosmo

When you are trying to catch a dream don’t forget that nightmares can catch you as well…

Пытаясь поймать удачу за хвост не забывай о том, что ты не единственный охотник в этом лесу… 

prints… t-shirt…

When you are trying to catch a dream don’t forget that nightmares can catch you as well…
Пытаясь поймать удачу за хвост не забывай о том, что ты не единственный охотник в этом лесу…
If you gonna start dig deeper Nazi Germany is certainly not a country of origin. Fascism is fluxion from fashion! If everyone will wear the same clothes – it will be classic of fascism. But not allegation that one nation is better than the others – it will be nationalism and Nazism, which has got it's final determination in Nazi Germany – the very same thing which is used by all and sundry, who is calling it Fascism. But fascism – is somethings else – somethings more fundamental ... It is about us and them ...  About the shape of the nose ... About the form – about the fashion.  And Nazism, which everyone is equates to fascism, all the same something else ... Not that quite another, but also fashion ... One nation considered themselves better than everyone else, but why, exactly? What made them think so? Jews has been started that relay, in which the Nazis ganged up on them as main competitors ... They first identified themselves as the only God's chosen people ... Therefore, probably the whole world doesn't love them ... Or do not giving them enough love ... But not me ... I love them, but not all at once of course… I can conclude that they are quite talented and among them are many beautiful women ... But I'm not talking about Dana International, although it is not so bad, and even cute happened – not pumped even in this case!!) Yes, and i have heard that there is a lot of anti-Semitism among the jews, maybe even more now than in other countries. But the main claim was not about their nationality, it was about the notorious talent for financial transactions which they had to improve harder than the others, because most all the others professions was simply prohibited to them by the laws of the countries in which they lived ..."The Merchant of Venice", for example – a very striking sample of anti-Semitism... The Jew there is shown as creepy cheapskate and moneymaker, who is ready to maim or even kill the human being for gold or hard cash… And you can find how racism is thrives in play by the same author... He has a piece about the Moor, but it is not Othello ... not at all ... He has a tale about "black" man who has the same color of his nationality and that Moor is the one who has destroyed Andronicus – the Roman commander and hero to the republic, if i can correctly recall  ... He who enslaved barbarians returned to Rome as triumphant , but weaving intrigues and hate from enslaved barbarians were expecting him at his home… And more importantly – envy among Romans, which helps the gray eminence of that conspiracy to succeed… The Moor is the greatest villain of this play symbolizing "blackness" of his soul with color of his skin ...This is pure racism from one and only the Great William Shakespeare  ... But what was the cause of the Holocaust and Nazism? After World War I all the wonderful nation which use to participate in it, setup indemnity for it to Germans only, despite the fact that this war was a collective responsibility and it use to look like benefits to all participants who was planned to be involved into it. However, for some reason only the Germans has been forced to answer for this ...And although all countries had a hard time after the war, the Germans became beggars after contribution has been claimed... And then a man came and said: "We are a great nation !! Yes, we have nothing to eat, but we are still – great ... " Sounds similar isn't it ?!  "... The whole world is against us, but we all will reunite and gonna kick their asses !!" ... And they began to raise their industry, but how? They were building tanks ... But they cannot building tanks forever – someday they were need to use them ... And what happened – Europe as well as the whole old world , which use to put them on their knees, has been crushed by German tanks… And It was a great folly – fight on such many fronts ... After that, the whole world received the very same things for what Germans has been accused and punished by imposing an indemnity to them, so they also rallied and won. But after victory, they start creating and hang tags, the most extensive of which is was a "crime against humanity" ...  However, the greatest crime was to appoint one nation responsible for the sins of others – a sort of scapegoat ... What mechanism generates this monster – Leviathan... How it was ended? Collapse of the Soviet Union?  First, however, there was the wall which was used for separating collapsed German Reich... On one side of the wall were the Germans, who managed to cross behind it, and on the other side  the others, who became part of the Soviet system. But the Soviet Union is not Russia – not only Russian built it... It was Belarusians, Ukrainians, and all the rest ...
Every nation situated on territory of ex-USSR use to build the way to "bright" future, but the scapegoat again made from one country and one nation – Russia and Russians ... Accordingly , Russia now acts almost in a same way as Germany after World War I  ... Almost, so far ... But fascism – it is not the superiority of some nation, fascism – it is when everyone is on the march walking like one... The only thing that you can do to overcome it – is stop marching... Stop wearing uniform! You want world peace? Tear down to hell your epaulettes, threw your machineguns, and the world peace will come !! Men with guns cannot bring peace, wherever they live!! It is almost impossible now not only to do such stuff, but even imagine and understand, when these folks armed with machine guns shooting at newspaper offices ... So this call of reason is virtually useless for now, but there is no other way. If you do not do so, the peace will never come! If you are going on march even for peace sake – it is also fascism. Fascism – it is when you are gathering yourselves into a crowd, or worse, marching as one, and even better in the uniform!! And anti-fascism – it is when everyone decides for himself, uses his own head and taking responsibility for his life, and not vice versa ... When one thinks for himself, and doesn't listen to anyone else... Listen to me – you should stop listen to me!! ... Enough!
Red Locomotive painted black by maximartiskosmo
Red Locomotive painted black
According to legend, Commander of the Armed Forces of South Russia ( the Bolsheviks ) find a peculiar way to defeat station defenders (Tsar troops) : They used that heavy black locomotive to breaking up so that it struck the wall of the station, went through the whole building and went to the opposite side. Shocked station defenders was disorganized and easily defeated...

Hi q prints…
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Artist | Varied
Current Residence: RUSSIA
Favourite genre of music: sonaristical polyphony with "musique concrète" elements updated by soundsculpt( )
Favourite photographer: Maxima Artis Kosmopolites
Favourite style of art: surrealizm
Operating System: windows 98 XP 7
MP3 player of choice: KMplayer
Favourite cartoon character: MC, ZOE, DN...crazy films characters
Personal Quote: i`m too eccentrical for goin to somebodys ways, and if i`ll do so - it will be mine.

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